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Maxi Biewer (born May 24, 1964 in Berlin) is a German television presenter and actress.

Maxi Biewer is the daughter of actor Gerd Biewer and Brigitte Krause. She speaks German, English, Russian and French. Biewer attended a Polytechnic High School in Berlin – Köpenick, where it also passed the Abitur. After she graduated at the Academy of Dramatic Arts “Ernst Busch” in Berlin studying, graduating as a qualified actress.


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Between 1987 and 1989 she served on the ensemble of actors on GDR television in guest roles, and played at the Theater Dessau. 1989 Biewer moved to West Berlin, and since 1992 she has been the weather presenter at RTL. Notoriety she reached in particular by their laughter as a weather presenter at RTL Morgenmagazin point 6 and by one of her presentations at the same magazine, which was set to music by Stefan Raab rap. 2010 Biewer played himself in their work as RTL weather expert in the award-winning series Doctor’s Diary, which aired in January 2011.

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Biewer to 1996 was romantically involved with the RTL morning show presenter Wolfram Kons . A year later she married the French-Canadian Jean-Patrice Venn, whom she met on one of her trips. During this time, she commuted seven years between Germany and Montreal in Canada. Biewer currently lives with her husband in Hennef. Much of her spare time she also spends on a sailboat, which is located on the Baltic Sea.

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